Friday, November 5, 2010

Latin American Graphic Design @ THIS Gallery

We are super stoked about the opening of the Latin American Graphic Design show taking place tonight close to us at THIS Gallery (just on 5906 Figueroa)! From the THIS blog

"Our first in a series of global explorations into the greater design community- THIS turns it’s eye towards the thriving design community of Latin American countries. Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina and Paraguay are all represented by some of the most exciting and interesting designers their nation has to offer.

Like Russia in the 20’s, Europe in the 40’s or America in the 60’s; the Latin American region today is undergoing a profound and pronounced social, political and artistic changes.

Graphic Design has always been a functional art form that is reactionary and informative It’s a tool used to inspire and educate.  There is something interesting going on- we aim to explore and celebrate a unique aesthetic and approach in modern design.

Eduardo Hernandez ( Mexico )

Material ( Chile )

Celeste Prieto ( Paraguay )

Juan Mendez ( Guatemala )

Lion Lucy ( Argentina )

Marco Schlesinger ( Brazil )

 venga, venga, venga!!!

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